Environmental Vision

Basic Approach on Environmental Protection

番茄社区安卓下载Environmental problems, including global warming, are issues of critical importance for the human race. Mazda actively adopts initiatives to promote a low-carbon, recyclingoriented society in harmony with nature, in cooperation with local governments, industrial organizations, and non-profit organizations. These efforts are reflected in all of Mazda’s corporate activities with the aim of achieving a sustainable society.

Mazda Green Plan 2020 Mid-term Environmental Plan

Based on the “Philosophy and Policies” for environmental initiatives, being premised on “Mazda's Vision of a Future Society and Its Relationship with Vehicles”, the plan is developed, centering on the following three main perspectives.
I. Themes to Be Resolved in the Future
II. Mazda's Initiatives (two categories)
III. Consideration of the Entire Vehicle Life Cycle

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