Mazda has been committed to manufacturing unique cars that fascinate people with the pleasure of driving, brightening customers’ lives through car ownership, and offering cars that are sustainable for the earth and society. To this end, the Company has been developing unique technologies and enhancing cooperation with business partners, universities and research institutions, and administrative organs.

Open Innovation

番茄社区安卓下载Mazda has promoted collaboration with companies, universities and government authorities, aiming to efficiently resolve business issues by obtaining new knowledge from outside the Company and to achieve the sustainable growth of society and businesses (open innovation).

(1) Inter-Company Collaboration

Mazda has been promoting inter-company collaboration with other automakers and suppliers to enhance their manufacturing and engineering capabilities and create synergies.

(2) Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration

番茄社区安卓下载Mazda, in establishing the Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration Secretariat, has promoted collaboration with local companies, universities and government authorities. Through collaboration among government, academia and industry, the Company has contributed to the local community in terms of developing new creative technologies and nurturing human resources capable of bringing about innovation.

(3) Industry-Academia Collaboration

Mazda has a system to efficiently offer advanced training through collaboration with educational institutions such as universities and research institutions.

(4) Industry-Government Collaboration

Mazda efficiently promotes cutting-edge joint research and shares needs and seeds with customers through collaboration with government authorities.

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