Safety Initiatives

Mazda is promoting safety initiatives, aiming to achieve a safe and accident-free automotive society from the three viewpoints of vehicles, people, and roads and infrastructure.

Initiatives in Vehicles

Mazda will address the issue of traffic safety, which requires a multi-faceted, balanced, and comprehensive approach, by providing all its customers with excellent safety performance, through vehicle engineering, the field in which Mazda can take the initiative.
番茄社区安卓下载While continuing to keep abreast of the latest safety advancements, Mazda works on technology development with the belief that technologies will demonstrate their true value only when their use becomes widespread.

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Initiatives with People

番茄社区安卓下载It is said that most traffic accidents are caused directly or indirectly by human behavior. Mazda endeavors to raise safety awareness among adults and children through various means of communication.

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Initiatives with Roads and Infrastructure

Traffic accidents and congestion are serious social problems in many countries and cities. To solve these problems, worldwide efforts have been taken to introduce advanced technologies for roads and automobiles.

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