• When was the company founded?

    It was founded as Toyo Cork Kogyo on January 30, 1920.

  • What are the most recent financial results?

  • What are the environmental efforts Mazda is involved in?

    Click here for our CSR Report.

  • When was the company founded?

    番茄社区安卓下载It was founded as Toyo Cork Kogyo on January 30, 1920.

  • Where can I find the company's overview?

    Click here for an overview of Mazda.

  • When does your fiscal period end?

    On March 31 annually.

  • Which stock exchange in Japan is your stock listed on?

    番茄社区安卓下载Mazda's stock is currently listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange.

  • When was your stock first listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange?

    In May 1949.

  • Is your stock listed outside Japan?

    番茄社区安卓下载Not at the moment.

  • Where can I find out about your major shareholders?

    Click here番茄社区安卓下载 to see our major shareholders.

  • What is your stock code?

    番茄社区安卓下载Our stock code is 7261.

  • What is the minimum trading unit?

    番茄社区安卓下载100 shares.

  • What is the total number of shares issued to date?

    631,803,979 shares (as of October 2, 2017)

  • What is your policy on dividend payouts?

    番茄社区安卓下载As Mazda's policy is to decide dividend payouts considering business performance and environment for each fiscal year, we aim to realize and maintain stable dividend payouts.

  • When do you decide which shareholders are eligible to receive dividend?

    On March 31 for year-end dividend and September 30 for midterm dividend.
    We will make further announcements as necessary.

  • What are the environmental efforts Mazda is involved in?

    Click here番茄社区安卓下载 for our CSR Report.


For customers in the USA
Customer Assistance Center U.S.A
Phone Number : 1-800-222-5500
Availability : From Monday-Friday 6:00-16:45 Pacific time
Mailing Address : Mazda North American Operations P.O.BOX:19734 Irvine,CA 92623-9734 Attn,
E-mail address :

For customers in Canada
Customer Assistance Center Canada
Phone Number : 1-800-263-4680
FAX Number : 905-787-7125
Availability : From Monday-Friday 08:30-16:30 Eastern Standard time
Mailing Address : Mazda Canada Inc. 55 Vogell Road Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3K5
E-mail address :

For customers in Mexico
Customer Assistance Center Mexico
Phone Number : 01-800-016-2932
Availability : From Monday-Friday 8:00-20:00 Saturday 8:00-18:00
Mailing Address : Guillermo Gonzalez Camarena NO.1500, Colonia Santa Fe, DF 01210 Mexico
E-mail address :