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Medium-Term Plan

Medium-Term Management Plan Revision

番茄社区安卓下载Mazda announced “Medium-Term Management Plan Revision” on November 9, 2020.

We announced Medium-Term Management Plan in November 2019, but our business surroundings have drastically changed due to the spread of COVID-19. Based on lessons learned from the pandemic and after considering actions to adapt to the changing environment, we revised a part of the policy and some initiatives, and announced “Medium-Term Management Plan Revision”.

Nov. 9 2020 Presentation Documents (PDF)[2MB]
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Medium-Term Management Plan

番茄社区安卓下载Mazda announced "Medium-Term Management Plan" on November 1, 2019.

In the Medium-Term Management Policy, we defined three priority areas in which we need to focus our business resources and efforts: “Investment in unique products and customer experience”, “Curb expenses that depreciate brand value” and “Investment in the areas in which we need to catch up”. In the Medium-Term Management Plan, we announced major initiatives in these three areas and financial metrics.

Nov. 1 2019 Presentation Documents (PDF)[2.11MB]
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Medium-Term Management Policy

Mazda announced "Medium-Term Management Policy" on May 9, 2019.

番茄社区安卓下载Mazda is reaching its centennial anniversary in 2020, a grand milestone since our founding. As a milestone marking the beginning of our next 100 years, we have set out our ideal for 2030-40. To realize it, we drew up the Medium-Term Management Policy along with the direction of initiatives for the period of the new medium-term management plan (FY March 2020 to FY March 2025).

May 9 2019 Presentation Documents (PDF)[1.83MB]
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